Interview with Georgia Van Cuylenburg (Vanille)


The people from Siliconera have posted an interview with Georgia Van Cuylenburg, the voice behind Vanille in Final Fantasy XIII. The part about Final Fantasy XIII is short, but still it’s an interesting behind the scenes interview:

Jenni: I remember reading the Angelina Ballerina books when I was a kid. So Georgia, how did you get cast as Oerba Dia Vanille? And how would you describe the recording experience for that character? Did you receive any special guidance from Square Enix or get to record with any of the other Final Fantasy XIII voice actors like Vincent Martella (Hope) or Ali Hillis (Lightning)?

Georgia: I auditioned for her. My agent handed me the script and said if there was anyone else that could play this girl better he would eat his hat. (he is more a beanie guy but…) This was the character description: Aussie accent, young, bubbly, sunshine and rainbows, etc… I so wanted to be her! But I didn’t know what it was actually for. And two weeks later, I got the call from my agent to say I had booked it but I didn’t know really how big it was.

He said I would probably have five or six recording sessions. Cut to 6 months later, I was still recording. I loved every second of recording — she is such a fun character to and some of her lines are so hilariously typical of something I would say that it was funny to all of us. I had really great guidance from the director and the Square Enix rep, but they also just let me do my thing a lot, too. The team were so great and we spent most of our time laughing if we weren’t recording.

I didn’t actually get to meet any of the others until we had finished. You always recorded on your own. It was so weird when some of us met at the end because you felt like you already knew them really well. I still haven’t met Hope or Sazh — which is even funnier as they are the two I am with the most in the game. But I became instant friends with Ali (Lightning) and Rebecca (Fang) afterwards, and Troy (Snow) and I are now really close, too.

You can read the full interview here

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