Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker announces "The Last Story”

The Last Story

Mistwalker, currently a small company lead by former Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, today announced their new “blockbuster” project THE LAST STORY. Nintendo has launched a teaser site with a simple logo and background music:

Andriasang has some additional information about this game when it was announced at Nintendo’s investors meeting earlier today:

While the official site is in a teaser state, Nintendo shared a few additional details during an investors meeting earlier today. The Last Story will have a story with the theme of the universal feelings held by people. It’s being co-developed by Mistwalker and Nintendo with the aim of creating a new form of RPG.

As revealed earlier in the day, The Last Story is set for release some time this year. The official site promises a developer blog to begin in March.

Something that I found very intriguing was the resemblance with the Final Fantasy series when I saw the logo: the name is just a synonym for Final Fantasy:



Could this mean that Sakaguchi’s developing a new franchise on Nintendo consoles similar to the classical Final Fantasy games? Or am I assuming too much things?

Looking at what they did with Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, it seems we have another great RPG coming up for Wii. Therefore, similar to Square Enix, I will also post news regarding the major games from Mistwalker from now on! If this game looks very promising to me, I’ll consider to create a detailed page for this game.



You can follow Mistwalker on Twitter or follow me on Twitter and become a fan on The 13th Crystal’s Facebook page to get the latest updates on Fabula Nova Crystallis and Mistwalker news.

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