Contents of Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition leaked?


Gamestop’s Italian website ( leaked the contents of the Final Fantasy XIII collectors edition. On, the Collectors Edition is priced at €79.98 and will contain:

  • – Soundtrack
  • – Art book
  • – Novel about the 13 days before Final Fantasy XIII.
  • – Graphic Novel (comic book)
  • – Press picture collector

The soundtrack will probably be a sample cd with ~10 tracks and the novel seems to be a translation from the Japanese Episode Zero.

Remember: This isn’t confirmed by Square Enix yet, but Amazon also lists this collectors edition for the same price: €10 above the regular price for their Final Fantasy XIII version.

The Final Fantasy XIII limited edition was accidentally announced by Square Enix in a newsletter that some European people got last month.

Final Fantasy XIII will release simultaneously in Europe and North America on March 9th, 2010. Next month will be the last Lucky 13th campaign so they might announce the CE around that time.


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