Final Fantasy XIII bus tour: information and footage (will be updated regularly)

Some guidelines before we start:

  • – All times are GMT+1
  • – Because of 7h time difference I’ll be asleep during daytime. (SF: 2pm – 11pm =  Europe: 23pm – 8am).
  • – I have something called “school” tomorrow.
  • – I’ll try to post most things as quick as possible. I’m not a native English speaker (you’ll probably know that by now.) so excuse me if I make any typing errors.
  • – I’ll be using my mobile for most of the time, I’m a FFF (Final Fantasy Fan) so I might give my own subjective opinions on certain things, I hope you won’t mind this.

Twitter: (

Lucky 13th:

The #FFXIII bus is here! Corner of 2nd and Howard! #FinalFantasyXIII

Alright! We’re about the start!!! #FFXIII #finalfantasyxiii – The very first people in the world to see the new section headed in! #FFXIII

Everyone asking about how long we’ll be here- as long as we can! We’ll be around this area and surrounding all day (cont)

They repeat the location a few times

Next location! Ellis&Stockton right by the Apple store. See you there around 2 #FFXIII

In case you’re headed over here, we just gave out the last ticket.The next location is @BestBuy at 1717 Harrison St. See you there around 4!


First bus stop today will be Best Buy @ 2532 Ofarrell St. See you there at around 11am!! #FFXIII #FinalFantasyXIII

BTW: There are 2 side activities going on- All of the tix to get in the party bus are black, every once in a while a pink one appears….

And there’s a signup sheet going around- words: "Win" " invite" " #FFXIII " "launchparty" are on it!


Who wants to play #FFXIII? Come by Gamestop around 11AM on Bay Street, in Emeryville!! See you there! – We’re near the corner of Allston way and Shattuck Ave, in case anyone’s having trouble finding us! – 7 tickets left here! We’ll be moving on to our next stop after that #FFXIII


Here we are! Best Buy at 3700 Mandela Parkway, Oakland. We’ll be starting as soon as we get set up #FFXIII Hope everyone is enjoying the #FFXIII experience =] Thanks for joining us to @PlayFFXIII!


t’s almost time! Play #FFXIII this morning at 10 at 4th and mission, kitty-corner to the Metreon. – We’re here and we’ve got cover! @PlayFFXIII on 4th and mission,right by the metreon! #FFXIII

(Times are GMT+1)


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1up video:


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  1. #1 by mark on 13/01/2010 - 20:28

    cool upload as much as you can please, and also ask them if the demo is gonna come online at anytime please?

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