Final Fantasy XIII EU Collectors Edition priced at €72


The German Amazon website has listed a “Final Fantasy XIII – Special Edition” on their sites for €71.99. Square Enix announced this roughly one month ago but the contents of this Collectors Edition are currently unknown. Considering that the regular version for FFXIII will cost around €69.99 (or in some cases even €74.99 where I live), it seems the contents won’t be too flashy. (Other Collectors Editions with this price have a different box art and an art book/sample CD)

Maybe Square Enix will reveal more details about this next week during their monthly “Lucky 13th Campaign”. But with only 2 months to go, promotionally-wise it’d better if it’s something more interesting. Of course we all know by now that Square Enix PR’s aren’t really good in promoting sometimes…

Source: Siliconera

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