Jump Festa: New Versus trailer shown


According to Andriasang and (again) the popular medium Twitter, a short new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus has been shown in Square Enix famous Closed Mega Theatres at Jump Festa. Here are the tweets:

  • New FFvXIII trailer behind this curtain. I’ll watch it after playing KH. Squenix has the same theater setup as TGS.

  • The Versus trailer just shows the main guy waiting on a highway and then getting picked up by a car, which then speeds off.
  • It’s all realtime though and looks stunning, particularly the lighting. The scene is set on a bright day.
  • The short trailer ends, ‘revelation will come next time.’ Perhaps Versus will show its true form with its next trailer.
  • Nothing more is known at the moment. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (which I will shorten to ‘Versus’) is in development for roughly 5 years now, and still today some fans praise it even more than Final Fantasy XIII. We’ll find out soon, 2010 will be the year of Agito, Versus and maybe Haeresis?

    1. #1 by Felix on 19/12/2009 - 16:35

      O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!need to know more!!!

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