FFXIII jewelry sweepstakes announced + Japanese sales


Last week Sonia from Square Enix announced/tweeted that we would also get something nice. A lot of people thought that it was an English demo version, which was soon denied in another tweed. Today she announced that there will be a competition next Wednesday. Anyone from the United States who participates has a chance to win one of Final Fantasy XIII’s (expensive) jewelry. You will be able to participate on the 23rd on the Square Enix NA members site.

Also Square Enix officially announced that Final Fantasy XIII sold 1 million on day 1 in Japan. Playstation 3’s user base in Japan is approximately 4 million, so 1 million definitely isn’t a bad thing. Still the sales are worse than previous Final Fantasy titles but around FFX and FFXII’s release the Playstation 2 had a much larger user base. 



Square Enix are set to give away a bunch of cool FF13 merchandise for free as part of their Stylin’ Sweepstakes, a competition to promote some of the FF13 accessories.
The four top winners will receive one of four kinds of FF13 Pendant – as worn in game by Lightning, Snow and Serah – and Nine other winners will get their hands on a snazzy keychain shaped like Lightning’s Sword and a l’Cie-styled Business Card Case.
The sweepstakes begin over on the Square Enix members site on December 23rd. Here’s a link, and good luck!


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