Final Fantasy XIII comes Home

Yesterday a leaked Famitsu scan revealed that Final Fantasy XIII will be featured in Home with regular items from costume packs, enemy dolls and Eden furniture to a personal space named “Eden: Government Representative Observation Room."

Thanks to Famitsu and Andriasang we now have high quality screenshots and information

First word of Final Fantasy XIII Home items leaked out from Famitsu yesterday. Sony made a more formal announcement of the items today, just as they became available for purchase.

Home users now have access to the following FFXIII items:

  • Lightning Costume Set (¥600)
  • Snow Costume Set (¥600)
  • Eden — One Person Sofa (¥150)
  • Eden — Sofa Table (¥100)
  • Eden — Shelf A (¥100)
  • Eden — Shelf B (¥100)
  • Eden — Planter Set (¥100)
  • Eden — Taxidermy (¥150)
  • Eden — Table (¥100)
  • Eden — Chair (¥100)
  • Sabotender Figure (¥200)
  • Flower Sabotender Figure (¥200)
  • Tonberry Figure (¥200)
  • Carbuncle Stuffed Animal (¥200)


The following will be available on January 7:

  • Sazh Costume Set (¥600)
  • Sazh Costume Set — Wig with Chocobo Chick (¥100)
  • Cocoon Ball (Balance Ball) (¥150)
  • Lightning Gun Sword Sword Mode Figure (¥200)
  • Lightning Gun Sword Gun Mode Figure (¥200)
  • Air Ship Figure (¥200)

As detailed yesterday, Home users will also be able to acquire a FFXIII-themed Personal Space. This is named "Eden: Government Representative Observation Room." The space will be free until the 14th, when it will switch to a ¥600 paid item.

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Source: Andriasang and Famitsu

Eden is a big location/town in Final Fantasy XIII but it is still unknown if the “observation room” will also be featured in the full game. Final Fantasy XIII, released today in Japan, will hit North America and Europe in 81 days

According to  the Square Enix support center, no official pricing has been set and the inclusion of the FFXIV campaign code in the Western versions of Final Fantasy XIII still has to be decided.

Source: Square Enix Support Center NA

  1. #1 by Felix on 17/12/2009 - 14:30

    and the collection edition? T_T I think it will release at the same time in north america… (in 81 days :O)
    Question: which position its better for the ps3? Vertical or Horizontal? which one do you prefer?

    • #2 by mercy0001 on 17/12/2009 - 16:00

      Horizontal seems safer. But you’ll need more place for that, remember the back must be free for ventilation, otherwise it might overheat.

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