Will Europeans/North Americans also face their destiny this Thursday? (Update: false)

Update: Sonia denied the demo rumors:

Think it’s best if I set expectations for my #FFXIII tweet. It is NOT a demo. But it’s cool regardless! So please don’t be too disappointed

Twitter has proven to be an excellent tool for exclusive FFXIII news from Square Enix PR staf. Including a post and picture from today which seem to hint at an English demo version very soon:

SquareEnixSonia:The memo inside hinted at something cool most of you can participate in a few days from now 🙂


SquareEnixSonia:Memo eluded to something stylish. But can mean anything as recent FFs & characters have had a unique visual style. You’ll just have to wait!

I don’t have to point out that a lot of people assume a demo versionwill be released on Thursday on PSN/XBL but take this with a grain of salt until it is confirmed.

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