Sazh and Yoshinori Kitase in FFXIII broadcast next week.

A special broadcast for Final Fantasy XIII will air next week on Japanese tv. I don’t know anything more about it, only that it will air the   13th, the 15th and the 20th of this month. I’ll update this post once I know more about it.

For now you can watch the promotional video for this broadcast which shows short footage of Lightning and Hope (who’s dead) fighting against a boss, seen in the TGS trailer, in Palumpolum. We also get our first look at the Item menu. Especially note that the old man is the voice actor for Sazh! (Masashi Ebara). Furthermore we can also see “Legendary” Yoshinori Kitase, producer for FFXIII.


Feel free to comment if you know anything more about the broadcast.


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