One new scan shows five new (interesting) FFXIII screenshots

RPGland recently posted a few high quality scans from the latest Famitsu. Most of the pages had screenshots from today’s website update, but still there was one page that peeked my interest. The image below is a scan that contains 5 never before seen screenshots.

rpglanddotcomlovesyou34 *

Don’t you recognize the fifth screenshot with Lightning facing a Behemoth-like creature? It has been 3 years ago, but you’ll probably remember this one:


(Cloud DVD trailer – 2007)

* In the second screenshot of the left page, Fang calls Lightning simply “Light”. Snow/Lightning says “Seriously?” in the big screenshot on that page. That’s all I can read at the moment.

Source: RPGland

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  1. #1 by Felix on 05/12/2009 - 06:32

    please, if you know jap, may be you can explain us about the novel on the jap official page, of course if you want. thx

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