FFXIII website update (Galenth Dysley, Rygdea, Cid, Hecatoncheir)

Vanille Hecatoncheir

The official Final Fantasy XIII site has been updated again this week with, as usual, the information from the past scans. The character section has been updated with 3 new characters. Thanks to Andriasang we have some information about them which I’ve kept spoiler free:

1- Galenth Dysley (Found in “SANCTUM”): 

The elderly Dysley is the leading figure in the Holy Government. He represents the tens of millions of Cocoon residents and is trusted by people as a lover of peace.

2 – Captain Rygdea (Found in “SANCTUM”):

Rygdea is Cid’s right hand man. He’s apparently earned the favor of Lightning and crew due to his opposition to his higher ups in the army.

3 – Cid Raines

FFXIII’s incarnation of the "Cid" character was one of the big final trailer reveals. In FFXIII, Cid, full named Cid Raines, is a young, capable officer in the Holy Government army. That’s right, the bad guys! Although, Cid apparently has some doubts about the government.

Cid heads up a group known as the "Kiheitai" (this translates to "Cavalry Division" — I’m not sure if it’s meant to be an actual name or not). This group patrols the skies above the city and, unusual for a security force, has its very own large class air ship which it uses to speed to the front. Cid has earned great trust from his subordinates.

Furthermore Vanille’s summon “Hecatoncheir” was added in the “SUMMON” section.

Hecatoncheir is said to have an infinite number of arms. It uses these as machine guns to fire on enemies. It can also stick its arms into the ground and have them emerge right beneath the enemy, tossing the enemy into the air.

In Driving Mode, Hecatoncheir transforms into what looks like a mech, with giant cannons sticking out from its front. Attacks shown in screenshots include Gatling Cannon, Tetra Missile, Penetrate Ray, Buster Force, and Gaia Salvo


The “SPECIAL” page was updated with information about the special FFXIII related books. There still are 3 more empty squares so probably we’ll get some more surprises in the future!

The site also includes some new screenshots of the new characters and Hecatoncheir, so be sure to visit it: Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Site 

Thank you, Andriasang for providing us with the detailed information!

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