FFXIII: recap of small things I didn’t post this week

Over the past week I unfortunately wasn’t able to post every detail regarding FFXIII (Due to my exams). Now that I have some time I’ll bundle all the small things I’ve found into one post.

Japanese stores and streets, Lightning “eau de toilette”, full package art, mysterious scan 

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Promotion video with epic music from Masashi Hamauzu

2nd themesong for Final Fantasy XIII: Eternal Love from Sayuri Sagawara

New (?) gameplay video (probably showed in a Japanese store) in HD:


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  1. #1 by ithunn on 05/12/2009 - 18:23

    Sweet. I don’t like looking up games TOO much before they’re released, but I’ve been finding that there’s little media available these days about games until 2-3 months before they’re released. Hey, if you saw that announcement for FFXIII (the one that gave the release date for the US) you may find this funny.

    And I pre-ordered the soundtrack. I love Hamauzu.

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