Final Fantasy XIII promotional madness (15 days to go!)

You never know if the game will leak before the release on the 17th of December (like the demo did), so I’m keeping an eye on YouTube. Today I noticed this (low quality) video of a final fantastical Japanese store:

President of Square Enix, Imperial Hotness, expects that Final Fantasy XIII will oversell Final Fantasy VII. I believe it’s possible because according to some rumors the pre orders were very high last month.

Tomorrow my exams are starting, so I’ll probably post less on Twitter and shorter posts on this blog. It’s a shame to say but I’ve been following this game for 4 years, day and night, trying to know and share every detail, but still… I haven’t pre-ordered the Japanese version. Yesterday it changed because I realized that there will be plenty of detailed guides about the Japanese version (And I’ve basic knowledge of Japanese and some useful digital dictionaries). I think I’m gonna set Final Fantasy XIII as my primary goal to “succeed” on my exams (my marks are good anyway). Now I only need to convince my parents to let me buy it (if I can find the money I tucked away for this moment four years ago.) But it is basically decided.

I”m intending to import the Japanese version. I’ll let you know when I’ve received my order number!    


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  1. #1 by Felix on 02/12/2009 - 19:38

    u.u i want a special edition box…but square enix never did one. May be on versus…ive preorder the special edition album…but is not the same…
    take a rest on this page, and prepare for the exams..

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