FFXIII Website update: Field, Special and Novel

Today the official website for Final Fantasy XIII updated again with the content seen in the latest scans. Most notably are 2 new areas: Mount Yaschas and Pulse fal’Cie (which doesn’t really sound like a name.). Furthermore the last chapters of Final Fantasy XIII’s novel were added and the Original Soundtrack is featured in the Special section.

You can view the website here

Especially note that Lake Bilge is not yet listed in the “Field” section. Lake Bilge is a crystallized area seen in many trailers and according to the press who were able to play it in private at GC last August, it was a gorgeous, special place similar to FFX’s Mount Gagazet and Lake Macalania.


We’ve seen this area in important story sequences like the end of the Extended ACC trailer where Lightning hits Snow (my header). I think that this place will is very important and might even be featured in the (possible) English demo version. 

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