View the latest and last Final Fantasy XIII trailer

Update: This is an English subbed version:

Today Square Enix released the last official Final Fantasy XIII trailer. It was published on the official site and on other big gaming websites. The trailer seems to be a mix of the TGS trailer with new footage showing Cid, Vanille’s summon and many other new things. Anyway, watch it here:

Final Fantasy XIII will be released next month, the 17th in Japan and on the 9th of March 2010 in Europe and North America. This was the last trailer we’ll ever see, but we might see some English ones in 2010. The game is coming closer and closer each day. It is a game, and not a divine golden statue, far away from us. There will be some news about Final Fantasy XIII this year and early next year. However next year the focus of this blog will be Final Fantasy Versus and Final Fantasy Agito XIII!

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Sorry for not publishing this earlier. Read more if you want to know more about my little problem I’ve had with this post.

I’ve had prepared a big post for this one yesterday (with my iPod). It would’ve been published this morning at 6am simultaneously with the trailer, but it didn’t. When I checked the post with my mobile wordpress app, it appeared on top of the published box with a lock and the Apple loading cursor. Suddenly it disappeared and I never saw it back until now…

Anyone know why?


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