About me: My new PC and my old copy of TES IV: Oblivion

I know this might not be the perfect time to post an “About me” article but still I’m going to do it instead of a long tweet on Twitter.

I want to express my happiness today because I recently bought a new PC!

I didn’t plan to buy it, but I couldn’t resist it when I saw the price and its features:

It has:

– Stylish 21.5 inch monitor with built-in hardware and the latest PC technology: Touch

-1TB (1000 gigabytes) hard drive and 4GB of ram

– Intel Pentium processor at 2.20GHz and NVIDIA GeForce graphics card.

– Built-in TV-tuner, DVD burner, speakers and card reader

– Webcam and stylish mouse and keyboard

– 3 years warranty

– My beloved Windows 7!

This is a screenshot of it, showing the fanciness:


I was a little bit afraid at first, because the brand isn’t that well-known here and it’s a very low price compared to what you get.

I’m using it for a few days and I still am in love with it, so I thought that it’s time to install and play my most beloved PC RPG on it, for the third (or maybe fourth?) time.

That beloved RPG is (of course) nothing more than The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I loved it and I still love it. I installed it on all the pc’s/notebooks I had for the past years. I like to enjoy the lore and environments of the game, so I don’t rush through it with fast traveling, quests, etc.

Instead I really take my time to explore each place from the start. As a result I know the Imperial City by heart, know some of the typical sentences and subjects and I usually venture between the Imperial City, Chorrol and Cheydinhal.

Yesterday I started playing again, I had to lower some of the graphical settings to improve performance (texture size to medium, lower resolution,…) but still revisiting the Imperial City and doing some of the quests I had done multiple times doesn’t bore me at all.

I can write books about TES IV: Oblivion but in a nutshell I would advise each PC/PS3/Xbox 360 player to buy this RPG. It’s one of the most complete RPG’s ever. Each NPC has a story and is brilliantly voiced, the world is so huge and each place has his own history and lore.

There are even rumors floating around that the fifth Elder Scrolls is already in development! It would take place 200 years after this game.

I’m going to finish this post, hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading this. I’ve got some gaming to do by the way 🙂


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