Signs pointing to an English FFXIII event this friday


Some people think there will be a release date announcement this friday…

Others think that an English demo version will be released this friday

I think … wether it’s 2am for me… that there will be an English event this friday…

Here’s my evidence:

– If the invitation didn’t leak, nobody would have known about the Japanese Premiere Party in September.

– The European SE newsletter clearly writes:

If you don’t remember to nail that soon-to-be-famous event to your diary, don’t worry, because our trademark countdown is on the official website.

– A casting call for the English event leaked last month. It clearly states “NEW FOOTAGE” and the SE newsletter also promises “NEW FOOTAGE”:

we’ve got an exciting announcement coming up on 13th November, where we’ll be showing off some awesome new footage from the game and…

The Square Enix PR team are flying to New York as we speak. They haven’t written yet for which reason. This hasn’t been said officialy, but according to their tweets it’s true:

Sonia: Sweet already several babies crying & Mom w/ newborn who needs half of my seat-what would she do if I was larger? This flight is gonna rock!

Sonia:OK maybe it’s the short flight but babymania wasn’t bad.Ended up feelin sry 4 mom next me having to handle babystuff alone&helped in the end

Sonia: @Klee: Nice! Thanks for lugging all that stuff over to NY

Klee: Sitting in the middle of a documentary shoot on flight to NY. It’s getting crowded around here…

Klee: First time taking PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii test kits through airport security. I am becoming expert at quick unpacking/packing!

The same happened with the Japanese Premiere Party, so it’s most likely that the event will take place in New York.

So what do you think? A release date, an event, a demo version, or something different??

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