New FFXIII Famitsu scans (Alexander, Chocobo’s, Crystalium, locations and battle)

We’ve seen some scans of Hope’s summon, we’ve seen some scans of the cute chocobo’s, we’ve seen some scans of the Crystalium System and we’ve seen some scans of new locations in Pulse/Cocoon…

Today Famitsu has a huge feature about all of these things, with a lot of more screens than seen in the past scans. It seems Hope will get a cool summoning scene, and probably even one of the coolest summons in Final Fantasy XIII. We can also see more images of the Crystalium system and, when you look closely, also the menu system with 5 party members. We also see the huge –Odin sized- Chocobo with Vanille ridding it. The final pages show some new locations that look much better compared to the demo version. You could also see a floating sphere that looks like a save point. The scans however describe it as a control for something. Also there are new battle screens that shows an extended atb bar with enough space for 5 moves.

As usual we will have direct feed screenshots on the Famitsu site later, as well as a Japanese website update, and maybe some English screens.

2611-1 2611-2 2611-3 2611-4 2611-5 2611-6 2611-7 2611-8 2611-9

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