Wada: EU/NA FFXIII version in the last stage of development “adding the final touches”

Sorry for not  posting this earlier today. I’ve bought a new PC today and it took some time to configure.


We’re all used to the delays of big Square Enix titles, however, Final Fantasy XIII appears to be on track for a Q1 2010 Western release. In an interview with gamesindustry, Square Enix president Yochi Wada revealed that the finishing touches are being added to the Western version:

Q: What’s left to do? With a project that size, QA must be a big part of it.

Yoichi Wada: We’ve completed the master of the Japanese version, and for the US and European versions we’re just adding the final touches. The last stage of development has gone very smoothly this time.

With the recent announcement of a possibility for a Western release before April 2010 and the strong rumors about a release date being revealed this Friday it seems that the EU/NA version is firmly on track.

A lot of people still think it will be released in June 2010 but I believe that it will be released a lot earlier. Maybe we even get a simultaneous release later this year…

We’ll have to wait until Friday…

If we can believe the Square Enix Newsletter (which I’ll post later) and the other promotion regarding this Friday, we can expect some big news later this week!

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