SE: “Huge” Final Fantasy XIII announcement this Friday

ffxiii special

Surprisingly the European FFXIII website had a small update. A countdown clock was added which will end this friday at 3pm GMT and is said to be a very “special announcement” 

Vice president of Square Enix Europe has shared some additional details with MCV:

“We have some very big news regarding Final Fantasy XIII; that we will be revealing Friday afternoon.

“We wanted to share the news with as many people as possible, so we have created a special video that will be unveiled on Friday. We hope you enjoy the announcement.”

You can check out the countdown clock on the official English FFXIII website

This special announcement will probably be an NA/EU release date announcement. It is yet unknown if there will be an event for it (like the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party) or just a video announcement/trailer. Asside from the European site today, the official North American FFXIII website was also updated a few days ago with a simple anagram (A Henchmen Inventor Tent Unto)

This anagram was quickly solved by forum members of By shaking the letters you would get “Announcement Nov Thirteenth” after some puzzling. All of this points to a big announcement this friday, and according to recent rumors it will indeed be a release date announcement: FF Dream has reported that Square Enix staff told them more information about the release date and demo version would be revealed mid-November.

Normally the North American site will also be updated again today with a solution for the anagram, and maybe a countdown clock with additional information. I’ll update this post when more information is revealed.

Be sure to check back this friday for all the -hopefully good- news. If something happens at certain times when I don’t have access to this site, be sure to follow me on twitter: 13thCrystal

Source: MCV


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