Shonen Jump reveals FFXIII Crystalium -growth- System (scans+information) (Updated 1x)

Today the character growth system was revealed in Shonen Jump. The scans are from next week’s Shonen Jump so they aren’t officialy released yet. Therefore the scans are in low quality for the time being.

The growth system is called “Crystalium System” and closely resembles to the sphere grid from FFX. In battle you will earn CP (Crystalium Points) instead of Experience points which aren’t in the game (like FFX). There won’t be a level-up system in FFXIII! With the earned CP points you will be able to learn an ability and when you learned it another one will open up.

No more information is currently known. It’s still unclear how the abilities are lined-up. It doesn’t look like a grid or board like past FF’s. Famitsu will probably also have information about this Crystalium system next week, so look forward to that.

The Jump scans also revealed some more screens of cities in FFXIII. They look bright and lively and … there’s a video wall with Siren on it??

Check out the scans here:

Edit: I uploaded the images again with “Imageshack”. It’s a much better service without those porn ads. Sorry for the inconvenience a few minutes ago. 

Edit 2: Here’s the full HQ scan


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  1. #1 by FFFan on 01/11/2009 - 01:42

    The second scan not open. Please, fiz it 😉

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