Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII EU/NA Release Date 15th of April 2010!? (Updated, Fake)

French game retailer Micromania leaked the EU/NA release date for FFXIII. It’s 15 April 2010!

Micromania held an event in France today called Micromania Game Show. Tonight there will be a special FFXIII “event” (The press could register for it yesterday) and probably the release date will be confirmed there. The game is being published by Eidos.


Keep in mind that this still is a rumor.

Edit 1: The release date was denied by Eidos France at Micromania Game Show. Sorry for giving you false hope. Thanks FF Ring.

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  1. #1 by name on 02/11/2009 - 08:40

    hold on a sec.
    just because Eidos denied it, does not mean its not true.
    how many times did sony deny they were working on a UMD less PSP?
    how did that turn out?
    i would say anytime in April is most likely.

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