New info about Final Fantasy XIII’s OST (Original Soundtrack) (Update)

The Xbox360 version? No, its the OST

The Xbox360 version? No, it's the OST

Today the first information about the OST leaked on Neowing, which sells it for 5250 Japanese Yen ($57 / €38). It will be released on January 27th, almost 2 months after the Japanese release. As usual with Square Enix games it contains 4 discs full of the nice music from the game. Like Advent Children complete, the first print of this OST will also include a 5th cd with “Drama tracks”. It is yet unknown if these drama tracks will be altered versions of songs in FFXIII, or just a compilation of Masashi Hamauzu’s best work (Yoko Shimomura’s best of cd was also named “Dramatica”)

That Final Fantasy XIII will include epic, Uematsu-like music was already known a long time. The composer Masashi Hamauzu also composed some great tracks for Final Fantasy X, FFVII DoC and the less known Unlimited Saga and Sigma Harmonics.

You can watch the orchestral performance from the Final Fantasy XIII premiere party here:

Update: Andriasang provided some additional details about this “Drama CD”:

The above image is actually from the limited edition version of the soundtrack. On top of the four music discs, the limited edition adds a bonus drama CD featuring a retelling of the Encounter volume of the Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise web novel that’s currently being distributed at the FFXIII official site. The drama CD uses the same voice staff as the game.

Also included with the limited edition is a special box case, a special sleeve, and a 32 page visual book that’s also — you guessed it — special.


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  1. #1 by NekoMage on 21/11/2009 - 17:50

    The ‘drama’ tracks are just that. The Japanese voice actors act out things like in a radio drama. They’re not arranged tracks unfortunately, though the great quality of the music in FFXIII doesn’t really make one feel that they need arranged tracks.

  2. #2 by Kiera on 19/01/2010 - 23:30

    Will this be sold in the U.S.? :u

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