FFXIII, FF Versus XIII and FF Agito XIII big Famitsu interview

In the latest Famitsu magazine, Nomura was interviewed about Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

Awntawn from NeoGAF  translated the Japanese interview:

FF13 Interview
Toriyama (Director)

– Fang is physically stronger the Lightning and more strong-willed than Snow.
– (Other main characters?) An FF mainstay (laughs) coughCidcough
– Bahamut’s element is not specified
– Conceptually, Bahamut’s style can be considered “Aerial Raver” (probably referring to the 2d fighting game style) in which using great mobility and power, he launches opponents into the air and juggles the shit out of them.
– Sazh’s summon is female. She has fun while fighting casually.
– Palmpolm (location in trailers?) is crystallized because a battle between Snow + Shiva and a certain other individual took place previously. )

Nomura (FFXIII – Character design, FF Versus and others – Director)

– Before the scenario was complete, Fang was a male character.
– After making her female, in order to avoid too much similarities with Lightning, they made Lightning less sexy and Fang more sexy. Damn you Fang!
– (Nomura himself?) has nothing to do with character weapons. ambiguous Japanese pronouns ftl
– For FFXIII, transforming weapons are also a key concept as well as summons.
– Ultimate decisions for voice casting was up to Toriyama.
– Sazh was originally intended to wear a hat over his afro.

FF Versus 13 Interview

Nomura (FFXIII – Character design, FF Versus and others – Director)

– Footage at TGS was for internal previewing purposes, so there’s not actually a character that is shimmering white, it just didn’t have textures. Behemoth was also displaying without textures.
– (w/ regard to the ginormous monsters seen in the trailers) they were testing to see the limit of how big the monsters could be. I guess they’re referring to hardware testing
– (Q: Can we really fight enemies like that? It’s hard to imagine) I can see how it’s hard to imagine. Even I’m wondering if it can be done, which is why we’re trying to do it.
– Playstyle can be categorized as an extension of the Kingdom Hearts system, but we’re trying to make it feel like the nostalgia of traditional FF mixed with something new.
– Heavy focus on level design.
– Experimenting with having a portrait window of Noct at the bottom right so that you can see his emotions all of the time, but when the other party members are on the screen it feels weird, so we’re probably going to remove this.
– Window idea was brought up because they wanted it to be a way to understand what your other party members are doing on their own
– Aiming for the type of buddy A.I. such as in western FPSs, where they act on their own but you get the feeling that they’re teammates working in unison with you.
– All clothing is asymmetrical
– Noct doesn’t wear a necklace or earrings, the ring he wears on his right hand (which is story related) is his only accessory.
– The ring is important, so on his left hand he wears an open fingered glove.
– Noct maybe rides a bike. I imagine not the kind that nigga stole
– In order to make it difficult to tell the difference between pre-rendered CG and real-time footage, they pay attention to the most minute details down to the wrinkles in boots.
– Stuff that wasn’t in the test will be revealed bit by bit next year, perhaps as early as E3

FF Agito 13 Interview

Nomura (FFXIII – Character design, FF Versus and others – Director)

– The multiplayer shown at TGS was mostly legitimate battle footage
– Very difficult at the moment
– Constantly updating the battle with new short missions is a key point to Agito
– Up to you to decide whether or not to accept the new objectives. If you don’t respond within a certain amount of time, it will assume you accepted them.
– Next year is the year to start looking forward to stuff. Media blitzing like this year was XIII’s year, I imagine

This year was undoubtely FFXIII’s year, next year will be the year of FF Versus and Agito!

And maybe…

Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII?


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