Me and Japan (part 1)

Me and my Japanese:

I think it’s time to tell you all a little bit more about myself. I’m 16 years old and addicted to Japanese. I’m studying it on my own for about 1 year now and I love it. I don’t really know where to begin but I’ll start from the very beginning, the bad part…

1) An important decision

 It was like yesterday …

A cloudy sunday evening in my local Chinese restaurant. I didn’t know anything about Asian languages/countries so I didn’t know it was a Chinese restaurant. I was very interested in Asian language at that time (probably because we went to the restaurant each week) and my parents talked with the people from the restaurant (now very close friends) about possible Chinese lessons nearby our home. Their son – 8 years old – also was going to start Chinese lessons (He was already learning 3 other languages) and we would consider the option to start the Chinese lessons together. After a long talk with our Chinese friends my parents asked me if it was alright to register me.

I said: “No.”

Somehow I felt that Chinese wasn’t the language I wanted to study. My heart belonged somewhere else… Immeadiately I knew that I would be interested in Japanese. I knew absolutely nothing about Japan, but after reading Wikipedia  and seeing the map of Japan I was in love. In love with the geographical area. In love with the wonderfully old but new culture. In love with the Japanese writting. In love with the densely populated cities and tranquille forgotten nature. In love with the simplicity, yet complexity. And of course in love with the innovative grammatical aspects of the language itself. In a blink of an eye I simply  knew that Japan was my destiny…

I looked at many other Asian languages, cultures, pictures and maps but none of them interested me more than Japan did… And if you know Japanese you’ll probably understand this, isn’t it?

I wanted to start learning it as soon as possible but, because Japanese is basically unknown in my little country, I couldn’t find a Japanese language school. So even if I was much younger than now, I made an important but conscious decision: I will learn this language on my own…

And that was the start of all the misery…


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