Small FFXIII JP website update

The Japanese website updated today (The third time in one week!) adding one new message and the remaining 4 chapters of the first episode Zero

The short story will probably contain some nice information about the 13 days before the events in Final Fantasy XIII. Unfortunately it isn’t translated yet. However the people over at have translated the new message posted by – Background Technical Director – Oto Yoshihiko:

In the message Ota Yoshihiko thanks fans for their patience and writes that he thinks that the staff on the game were able to successfully work together to create a balance between the graphics for story events, exploration fields and battle scenes while also keeping load times to an absolute minimum.

He then says that the player’s experience of the FF13 world was always at the forefront of their minds, and now his work is almost complete he too is able to play the game a little early and see exactly how the regular gamer will see it.

His work isn’t quite over, though – he also says he’ll use any feedback he thinks of playing the game to make any last-minute tweaks he can to make the game better.


Looking at the space in the “Messages” section, there’s still place for 2 more messages in the future. Probably of director Motomu Toriyama and Producer Yoshinory Kitase before the launch.

You can view the official site here:

I’ve the unfortunate news that I’ll be absent from tomorrow until Friday evening because I’m on a school trip at that time. If anything interesting occurs regarding FFXIII, I’ll report it here as soon as I’m back. In the meantime there will be a nice (non-FFXIII article) published in 48 hours (automatically). See you later! 


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