Official FFXIII website updated + English trailer coming soon? (+FFXIII broke my PC)

FFXIII broke my pc…

Sorry for the late post. Yesterday my computer had a blue screen of death and it crashes each time when I try to logon. Desperately I tried a lot of things to fix this problem yesterday and today. I know a lot about computers and tried everything: System Restore, all F8 options at boot, bios settings, startup-repair, reinstal,… Each time when I try it it crashes again. The only thing that I can do for now is use safe mode. Typing an article in a 800×600 resolution with a blue screen of death when I change any of my settings or try to save something on my disc definitely isn’t fun… But still I’m doing it…

Today the official website updated again (the last update was 2 days ago, that big one remember 🙂 It finally has updated the Characters, Summons and Battle page with things we’ve seen over the past 4 months (Paradigm Shift, Odin and Serah)
The website also has some nice screenshots on these topics which, as usual, aren’t new.
You can view the website here

As you might know some of the Square Enix people (PR division) have twitter accounts. They have provided us with some nice FFXIII information in the past and today they did it again after being asked about an English version of the TGS trailer:

SquareEnixSonia Looks like most are digging the TGS #FFXIII trailer! As for qs of English version, etc hang tight for a bit 🙂

It seems we will get an English trailer sooner or later (SE has a strange interpretation of  “soon” sometimes). All other Square Enix TGS games received an English trailer simultaneous with the Japanese one, so I think that there’s a chance that the English official website will be updated “soon”  because it’s still marked as “Full site coming soon”

Again sorry for the late post, see you later!


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