More info on Final Fantasy XIII novels

At time of writting:

hours until Tokyo Game Show begin

~ Pre Tokyo Game Show Article ~

1Up translated more information about the novels/short stories/pre release stories from the recent Famitsu scans. It seems the novels will be free and very important to the game since it will unveil what happened 13th days before the beginning of the end, err, sorry, the beggining of the game:

Toriyama also revealed that much of the backstory explaining how Lightning, Snow and Serah see each other will be explained outside of the game itself. “The 13 days leading up to the game’s opening play host to assorted events that rock the entirety of Cocoon,” he told Famitsu. “You see bits of these events in the story, but some of it’s left unrevealed. These 13 days will be explored in episodes before the game’s released, in the form of a serial novel published on the homepage. We’d like to get the first installment up while TGS is taking place.”


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