Final Fantasy XIII website update: online short story in development

Today Square Enix updated their Final Fantasy XIII website adding an updated “Spec” page and a “Report” article about the recent Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party.

Also the “Special” page was updated with the announcement of an online short story. There will be multiple online short stories  all taking place before the events of Final Fantasy XIII. The first one will be released later this month (probably around TGS time). has translated the page for us:

A fourth option appeared in the “Special” section of the Final Fantasy XIII official sitetoday. Joining the likes of the Elixer beverage and the the Sayuri Sugiwara theme song tie-up is “Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero: Promise.”

Episode Zero: Promise is a web novelization consisting of a series of stories that lead up to the main FFXIII story, potentially adding further insight into the game. The stories are being penned by Jun Eishima, who’s worked on a number of other Square Enix novelizations.

The first episode, titled “Encounter,” will available online later this month.

Nothing more regarding the pricing and availability is known at the moment.

Visit the official Japanese Final Fantasy XIII site

Thanks to Andr


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