Final Fantasy XIII scheduled for March 2010 EU/NA simultaneous release


4 videos of the Final Fantasy XIII’s Premiere Party speeches have been posted on the release date announcement, the Final Fantasy XIII elixir announcement and the 2 speeches of Kaz Hirai and Yoshinori Kitase/Motomu Toriyama. Sadly the videos don’t include any new footage but they include a rather surprising announcement that was misunderstood by several gaming sites:

Yoshinori Kitase:

In the past it would be six months to almost a year after the initial release in Japan, so we’re hoping to narrow the margin down. We hope it will only be three months after the Japanese release.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to embedd Gametrailers or Youtube videos so I will have to post the link instead. The 4 speeches/announcements could be found here (Under the “Newest” tab)

With English translations and voice acting as well as French and German translation already completed, I think this is highly possible. Of course Square Enix said in the past that the game needs to be released after April 2010 to fit in their fiscal year but for such a big tittle they might make an exception isn’t it?

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