GC In-Depth: FFXIII, Xbox360 and Europe

At GamesCom it was surprising to learn that the English Xbox 360 version was already 70% completed and that they where aiming to release Final Fantasy XIII on 3 discs. From a recent Gametrailers Interview (nothing really new)  we even learned that the development team was working hard on compressing the content to ultimately fit on 3 discs. A blu-ray PS3 game is 25GB or 50GB and one dvd is 4.7GB or 8.5GB:

If Final Fantasy XIII fits on a 25GB blu-ray: 3 double layer dvd’s =25.5 GB.

It would perfectly fit, but still I think a 25GB blu-ray would be unlikely because it was confirmed that the cutscenes/CGI takes a lot of place on the disc. Also note that each Final Fantasy game is huge and very detailed with a fully orchestrated soundtrack. And finally, consider that the incomplete trial version already took around 5 GB space. I still think Final Fantasy XIII will use a double layer blu ray:

If Final Fantasy XIII fits on a 50GB blu-ray: 3 double layer dvd’s =25.5 GB. (4 double layer dvd’s = 34 GB) (R = 25GB/16GB)

I think Square Enix will be able to compress it greatly to fit on 4 discs, not on 3 discs. Otherwise, I think the Playstation 3 version would be significantly downgraded. 

I’m not a Sony/Microsoft “fan-boy”, but to crush PS3 owners: It is impossible for Final Fantasy XIII to use 100% of the grahical power of PS3. Reason: Otherwise it wouldn’t be able to run on Xbox 360 without looking different. They’ve said multiple times that the 2 versions will be equal but that confirms that the PS3 version is downgraded.

Currently the games on PS3 use only around 40-60% of the PS3 power. If you want to have a 100% PS3 game, you will need top programmers and a lot of free time. The PS3 uses 100% of it’s powers when all the cores are fully used. Now the games only use 2 of the cores combined with a good engine like Unreal Engine. PS3 games would look better than Xbox  360 games when all the cores would be used. That will happen in a few years I suppose…

(I know about what I’m talking in the above paragraph. It dates back to 2007 but I’m sure the information is still valid, don’t play dumb with me about this. Furthermore I’m talking about graphiqal and not proccesing power of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) 

When Final Fantasy XIII was still Playstation 3 exclusive I was sure that Square Enix would make the 100% possible but with the Xbox 360 port I felt betrayed when I heard about it. (I’m following the game since the announcement and in further posts about me you’ll notice that I cherish my PS3 the most for Final Fantasy XIII, because I have not much other games)

No matter what, thanks to Crystal Tools, Final Fantasy XIII will be much better looking than any other game on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

And to wet your appetite from NowGamer:

The development for the Japanese and European versions of the game are moving along, side-by-side, as the voice acting and subtitles are complete. Usually, we’d release the Japanese version and then begin localisation, meaning there was a big gap between the two releases, but we’ve announced Winter for the Japanese release and for North America and Europe, we’re targeting Spring, so it could be anything from a six-month gap to as small as a three-month gap.

The North American/European release is drawing closer. Square Enix already said they’d have French and German subtitles but I wonder if there will also be subtitles for the other European languages. I’m Dutch (^_^) and the Square Enix games I could buy in my country are exactly the same as the North American ones, even with an English manual.

This was a huge letdown with Final Fantasy XII: It was released here 5 months after the North American release with the same content and manual. Compare that to Uncharted: Drake’s fortune which had only a one month gap and featured a lot of different voices and subtitles, even in my native language! 

From the very outdated European Square Enix site, which still lists Final Fantasy XI as the latest Final Fantasy installment, it’s clear to see that Square Enix only supports 5 languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Recently they said that Eidos will change into Square Enix Europe and they said they want to release European games quiker, so maybe Square Enix will update their Square Enix Europe page in the future with more languages available (and the sleek design of the Japanese and North American Square Enix sites with Square Enix Members Europe.)

 This was my last GC In-Depth article. Look forward to another In-Depth feature about something nice next month (if there isn’t too much news)


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