Final Fantasy XIII Special Event on September 8th! (live updated 2x)

In a time I thought the Japanese release date would be very close without some sort of mass promotion (except some TGS footage and tv spots), Square Enix turned the tables around (again)
According to Final Fantasy World (French) there willl be an event especially for Final Fantasy XIII on September 8th. I’ll update this post if I can find more.

Google translate:

According to this Japanese blog, Square Enix would organize a special event dedicated to Final Fantasy XIII September 8 next to Japan. The Premiere Party would be an opportunity for developers to disclose the date of Japanese gaming press. The festival will take place at 19 hours at Miraikan, the new science museum in Tokyo. If the information is confirmed, we will notify you!

 This might be a normal event or one for SE members/press. I’ll update this post if more sources can confirm it. If it is true, this is a lot better than the standard new-footage/information-in-a-few-months- Square Enix stuff.

Source: Final Fantasy World

Update 2: The great people from were able to confirm this:

“Square Enix have invited top Japanese and Western Media to a ‘Premiere Party’ for Final Fantasy XIII prior to TGS where the release date is expected to be announced.

The Premiere Party will take place on the 8th September at 7pm local time and is expected to be an early showing of what will be on the floor at TGS as well as a release date announcement for Japan.”

What do you expect?


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