Dengeki scans and information about Jihl Nabaat and Yaag Rosch

4 Dengeki scans have surfaced with the same screenshots as Famitsu, but in a much better quality:


Also 1up translated the scans and here’s some information about the 2 enemy characters:

Say hello to Jihl Nabaat. Last seen acting smug in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII E3 trailer, she is the commander of PSICOM, the intelligence force of the theocratic government Lightning and gang are fighting against in the game. She is pretty, but she’s also cruel and heartless, seeing the l’Cie as something below human. She also looks great in glasses.

“After graduating first in her class, Nabaat exercised her skills effortlessly within PSICOM and advanced steadily through the ranks,” FFXIII sub-character designer Nao Ikeda told Famitsu magazine this week. “She handles daily policy and takes strategic command of the military when called for, so PSICOM’s soldiers are generally always following her orders.”

Her right-hand man in PSICOM is Yaag Rosch, a scarred, silver-haired last seen in the Tokyo Game Show 2008 trailer. A man who puts the protection of Cocoon ahead of everything else, he sees Lightning and her crew as major threat to the peace of his homeland and attacks them with some serious passion as a result. “Rosch graduated one position behind Nabaat after a long, painful time in the academy,” Ikeda commented. “He is extremely talented, though not as much as Nabaat, and he’s taken a similar elite-officer path through the PSICOM ranks. He often fights on the front lines himself, leading his forces at the forefront, and the scar down his forehead reflects the harsh training and fighting he’s undertaken.”

These scans will probably be the last for this month (Famitsu will probably cover the same information.) Be prepared for a busy next month: back to school, 2 new characters, a Japanese release date and of course Tokyo Game Show!


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