Square Enix: FFXIII’s Japanese release “a lot sooner than most of you expect”

Someone over at examiner.com have translated some bits from the recently posted Dengeki interview. It contains interesting facts about the Japanese release date and another Japanese demo which seems very unlikely:

In a recent interview with Dengeki, Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase reveals a bit of information about the impending release. When asked about a possible demo release outside of Japan, he says it’s not impossible to see, but Japan definitely won’t be seeing a mass distribution to the public of a secondary demo. The demo that came with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete will be the only demo the Japanese audience will get. There’s a good reason as to why that is, though. Square Enix is busy working on finishing the game. Apparently, the game is much closer to release than we think.

As Kitase puts it: “But in Japan we plan on just going straight to launch without putting out another demo. We haven’t officially announced the release date yet, but it really is a lot sooner than most of you expect.”

This might be good news! A lot of people think about a December release but it could also be released before that. We’ll know in a few weeks

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