3 new Famitsu scans and no FF Versus XIII and FF Agito XIII at TGS.

4 Famitsu scans (3 and one zoomed)  have leaked which will be released on Thursday in Japan. They show more screenshots of Jill Nabaat, Sazh and Yaag Rosch. High quality scans will probably appear when the magazine releases Thursday and maybe Famitsu PS3 (August 30th) will have even more information about Final Fantasy XIII:


Also there’s an interview with Tetsuya Nomura in the Famitsu magazine. He reports the sad news that we won’t be seeing anything about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII at this years TGS (next month). Probably because they need to promote Final Fantasy XIII heavily now.  

sources: http://ameblo.jp/nekonyan13  and http://finalfantasy-xiii.net/2009/08/25/no-new-final-fantasy-versus-agito-xiii-images-at-tokyo-game-show.html


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