Mysterious character spotted in FFXIII Shonen Jump scan

GamesCom has almost ended and according to twitter the SE staff is back in Japan and LA (or on their way to). For me it’s a great time to read all the FFXIII news, interviews and scans from GC on my own pace instead of the -OMG OMG- quick copy, paste without even properly reading the news.

The first thing I’m going to discuss today is not from GamesCom but from a scan which sufaced a few days before this event. It features the “glasses woman”  now named as Jill Nabaato (English localization might slightly differ <maybe Navaato?>.)


I don’t think many people noticed that there is a man (?) standing behind her. The image is clearly in-game.

Another character in the right-hand corner

Another character in the right-hand corner

What we know about her (Jill Nabaato) from GamesCom:

  1. She has a direct relationship with Vanille
  2. She is an Lieutenant Colonel of the Holy Government.
  3. She wears glasses (nearsightedness, judging from the E309 trailer)

What I assume of  the character in the back:

  1. It’s a cutscene and he doesn’t wear a normal soldier outfit, so he’s an important person involved with the Cocoon army and the cutscene. 
  2. It could be a boss which you will encounter during the game.

I think this will be a pretty important character. We’ll probably get to know more about her next month as well as 2 other characters. Maybe we even get a Japanese website update with a “villain” section.

That’s it for today! Be sure to check back tomorrow for another in-depth article.


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