GamesCom: Lots of new (positive) Final Fantasy XIII information (Updated live 3x)

I’m back and I missed the 2 first days of Gamescon (I’ll write about my vacation later). I’m going to sumarize everything about Final Fantasy XIII. I’m copying some of the information directly from other sites and will go in depth about some of the things in future posts. You probably read most of the FFXIII news already, but to clarify there wasn’t a  new trailer shown only 27 interviews were conducted by various gaming websites:

This post is updated live because it will get pretty large and I don’t want people to wait for hours to read it:

3..2…1… GO!

Final Fantasy XIII:

GC (GamesCom)

– The Japanese PS3 version is around 90% complete
– The Xbox 360 version is roughly 70% finished, supposedly it is content complete, it just requires debugging.
– “The 360 version and the PS3 version should be pretty much equal, both in terms of content and the visuals as well. Since the hardware is different, there might be some subtle differences if you compare screenshots side by side, but the team’s being very careful about the compression of the data and the visuals, so that it’s exactly the same on both.”
– SE is aiming to ship the Xbox 360 version on 3 discs, but aren’t certain on this number
– All the English voice work has been recorded, though not completely implemented yet
– The game was presented to the press, and two brand new characters were shown
– A new girl was revealed, she wears a summer dress, white top, pink mini-skirt and a pink braid, more info on her at TGS next month
– The other new character revealed was Sazh’s son, though little more was revealed about him other than that
– Kitase claims the game is 50 hours long without sidequests
– Spring 2010 for Europe too, “as close to North American release as possible”


– SE are now considering DLC, despite previously stating otherwise. However DLC released will not be story related, just new bosses, enemies, weapons, maps, etc.
– Yaag Rosch is not Lightning’s rival. Instead Toriyama said he was Lightning’s former superior in the military, and his duty is to protect Cocoon. Since Lightning is [I”>destined[/I”> to destroy the world, they are now opposed.
– Serah (from the trailers) was the name of the new girl, she was shown only as artwork.
– After combat you earn points to spend on character progression. These can be used for any characters, even those who didn’t participate in the fight.
– Scoring a better rank in batte earns you TP bonuses, TP points are required to call summons.
– The star ranking you get in battle affects the game’s difficulty through AI routines. If you get few stars the game gets easier. If you get more stars, the game gets harder.
– Paradigm Shift system which allows the player to change their stance in order to suit the current situation. Settings in this mode include Overwhelm, Aggression and Peacemaker which all have various advantages in a certain situation. This will make battles more tactical.
– The lip sync and facial animations will be redone to match the English voices perfectly.
– SE showed IGN a playable English build with Odin’s gestalt form: a horse.
– SE will show a “sphere grid”- like character growth system this fall.
– The enemy characters aren’t all evil, that have their own motivations and beliefs over what their actions are. There’s no complete sense of evil, but everyone has their own way of thinking.
There’s a lot of variety in the world
– Development is going well.
– If they would release an English demo version, it will only be on PSN or XBL (no disc like Japan) and it will be another area as the Japanese demo version.
– From Twitter:

SquareEnixSonia: LOL a bunch of SE staff including devs just packed themselves into the next FFXIII demo. Wish you all could see it too!

SquareEnixSonia: Oh wow, they’re showing an area they didn’t show anyone else (off record). Super awesome as well of course!

SquareEnixSonia: BTW: I kicked out Klee and joined @Andrewpfister & @louiethecat ‘s (who I think wet his pants) session. Team even gave them another demo!

SquareEnixSonia: I can’t recall the last time I was this impressed w/ one of our games (maybe FFX?) I feel very lucky to be able to be a part of this.

SquareEnixSonia: OMG!!! Just got my mind blown watching the XIII demo. Confirmed new demo at TGS, I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s going be like…


– Character names and scans:
Female villain character (E309: For every task …) : Jill Nabato
Scan (No higher quality):
Male vilain character (E309: Cocoon is caught in…) : Yaag Rosch
Scan (No higher quality):
Yaag Rosch
– English voice actress for Vanille: Georgia Van Cuylenburg

Updated live, but now I’m going to watch the FFXIV gameplay videos because it was playable at GC in German. We almost know more about FFXIV in 2 months than FFXIII in 4 years. I guess we could expect some more FFXIII scans in September, not to mention a new trailer and Japanese release date.

I’ll keep you updated! Be sure to check back to view more in depth articles, interviews and screens about Square Enix @ GC.



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