Final Fantasy XIV official site update (Updated 1x)

Happy Birthday to myself! It seems Square Enix gave me some birthday presents today. Thank You!

While it’s not a major part of my blog, I will still post the interesting bits about Final Fantasy XIV. Today both the Japanese and North American  Final Fantasy XIV site has been updated with lots of info:

– Introduction

– World
a) Story
b) City-States
c) Races

– Gameplay
a) Armoury system
b) Guildleves
c) Aetheryte

– Media
a) Trailer (singular, only the old trailer)
b) screenshots

– Information

 I’ll update this post when I get my hands on the stunning artwork. For now visit these great sites:

For some reason the European site hasn’t updated yet

And about that mysterious countdown on the Japanese Square Enix site, it turned out to be the rumored Lord of Vermilion 2:

A birthday couldn’t be better!

I hope to see you in a few weeks hopefully with a lot of news about GamesCon, where Final Fantasy XIII and FInal Fantasy XIV will be prominently present. (And I won’t…  damn the French holidays…)


Update 1: My friends at FF World have posted the artwork and screens in very good quality. Check them out here:


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