Final Fantasy XIII: Successful Development, Release Date “in a few weeks” (Updated 2x)

Japanese source ITmedia has posted an article about Final Fantasy XIII that includes a conversation with Yochi Wada , President of Square Enix.  Based on a machine translation with Google Translate, the development is progressing well and a release date will be announced soon:

“FF XIII” Development “successfully” released Monday, “announced in the coming weeks.”
Wada, president of ENI risk is “Final Fantasy XIII” and are well developed. Tokyo Game Show will exhibit the plans meet.
2009 August 7 20:54 minutes
President of Square Enix’s Wada Hirokazu August 7, is scheduled to launch later this year “Final Fantasy XIII”, “development is proceeding well,” said, the Tokyo Game Show (September 24 — 27, 2007) would meet the exhibitors.

About what this year will be released Monday, “I think we have to announce in the coming weeks,” he said.

In the coming weeks? Next week at GamesCon, Next month at TGS09?? Or somewhere inbetween with a website update (and a nice OMG trailer)???

It is unlikely that a Japanese release date will be announced at an European event like Gamescon, but you never know what to expect with Square Enix.

This post will be updated when more information is available. This is the Japanese source, translations are welcome:

Update 1:  According to other sites the machine transation was very correct. Wada says that a release will indeed be announced in several weeks. He also says the development is going well for a release later this year and that FFXIII will attend this year’s Tokio Game Show.

Update 2: According to someone at Neogaf the release date won’t be announced at GamesCon, but before TGS09

UPDATE: Impress Watch has provided a report of its own on the briefing. According to the site, Wada said of the game’s release time frame (presumably the month), “It’s actually been set. It will be announced before the Tokyo Game Show. It won’t be announced at the European event gamescom.”


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