Square Enix will show Final Fantasy XIII/XIV at GamesCom this month!


GamesCom logo

GamesCom logo

This is good news for the Final Fantasy XIII/XIV fans, but it’s bad news for me…

Square Enix will be present at this year’s European GamesCom and they have published their massive line-up a few days ago. GamesCom takes place in Cologne, Germany this year and it was previously known as Leipzig Games Convention.  It kicks off on August 19th and will last until the 23rd.

Surprisingly for an European event, both Final Fantasy XIII and XIV will be present. It would be a big privilege for Europe to show new footage of Final Fantasy XIII and XIV. Square Enix said that they had very huge marketing plans for Final Fantasy XIII and they would let the whole world know that it exists. Unfortunately there isn’t any mention about Final Fantasy Agito XIII or Fnal Fantasy Versus XIII, but the official press release  hints at some big announcements:

“This year’s show promises to be unforgettable with world premieres and our most diverse rangeof titles to date,”


Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII or even Final Fantasy XV?? (Yes, you may dream on this site 🙂

This is very good news for you because when I’m unable to view an important event, most of the time a new trailer releases or some spicy info emerges. Some examples that I experienced: I was absent at E3 2008, all the square Enix Parties and  when the Final Fantasy XIII demo released back in April.

I have the bad news for you that  I will be on holiday from  August 8th until August 22nd on a remote place in France without Internet connection available. The reason that I post this article this late? Because I’ve ordered an Internet usb-drive and a subscription for it. If I receive it before I leave on my holiday I will probably have internet and will keep you updated. But at the time of writing I still haven’t received it yet…

I ensure all the readers that I will post all the FNC related news when I come back! In the meantime you could still view my recently added pages for the Fabula Nova Crystallis games and for the yet unannounced Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII and Final Fantasy XV

Although this site isn’t focussed on Final Fantasy XIV, I stil will post news about it if something special is shown (like a trailer or a gameplay session)

View the official Square Enix GameCom site here: http://www.eu.square-enix.com/gamescom/

Have a nice summer!


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