Another mysterious countdown from Square Enix.


Mysterious countdown from Square Enix

Mysterious countdown from Square Enix

A mysterious countdown clock appeared on the Square Enix JP site. Previously they had another countdown clock which over time revealed an artwork. It turned out to be a Final Fantasy spin off: Final Fantasy Gaiden: The  Four Warriors of Light for Nintendo DS. I basically knew that it wouldn’t be a big Square Enix project because the artwork wasn’t impressive at all. This new countdown site seems to have very good artwork and it might be a major projects for Square Enix. The countdown is set to end on August 7, which is on my birthday! A nice RPG for PS3 would be a great birtday present for me!

I think it might be Fabula Nova Crystallis related because the countdown has the exact same time as when the  Final Fantasy XIII North American/European and Japanese Trailers page launched. Also at that time Square Enix Members blog said that the countdown for Final Fantasy XIII would be “One of the many countdowns to come”. Also Tetsuya Nomura said back in March that he would show something impressive for Final Fantasy Versus once they got to a certain point.

What do you think? Is it an updated Japanese page for FF Versus or Agito XIII. Or is it maybe the announcement of Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII, which was patented a long time ago. I’m getting nervous and I hope it will be a really nice birthday gift for me.

Check it out here:

P.S.: I know there was news regarding FFXIII and XIV that they will appear at GamesCon this august. I will post this article later because I have something to add.



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